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How We Can Help You: An Overview of WA Youth Soccer Departments

In our Play Healthy blog post in August, Hillary introduced the new meeting request form that allows you to put in a request for Washington Youth Soccer staff to come out to your local board meetings. We can’t wait to hit the road and come out to see you – but you may be wondering a little bit about what we will bring to your meetings. So, to follow up on Hillary’s post, I wanted to give you more information on each of our departments and the expertise they bring to our organization. Each of our departments has a unique skill set that can serve your different needs at different times. Since a soccer ball is at the core of what we do each and every day, I’ll start with the Technical Department. Continue reading

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Wrapping Up Our Structural Overview with a Look at Subcommittees

Perhaps the most exciting change to our organization’s structure was the creation of the subcommittees of the Soccer Operations Committee that address specific levels of play. The ability of each level of play to address their needs while still working together with the other subcommittees to achieve the goals of the entire organization is the key to making WA Youth Soccer capable of providing the best player development to all children in our state. We’ll cover how the subcommittees were established and give an update on what each subcommittee is
up to. Continue reading

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WA Youth Soccer Operating Documents – The Process

Today we’ll dive right into all things related to the Operating Documents, including where to find the Operating Documents on our website and how you can propose rule changes to the Soccer Operations Committee. Continue reading

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Soccer Operations Committee – A History

In my last entry I posted an overview of Washington Youth Soccer’s Constitutional Convention process: where it came from, what the goals are, and how we evolved our structure to meet these goals. A process that started over four years … Continue reading

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WA Youth Soccer Structural Overview – Constitutional Convention and Seamless Soccer

As we prepare for our 2011 Annual General Meeting (AGM) this week, our structure, bylaws and governance are at the top of mind. I thought I would take this opportunity to review our structure and how we got here, because taking a moment to think about how we function can better serve why we function. Continue reading

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