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About Heather Turney

Heather Turney joined WA Youth Soccer in January 2011 and is the Member Services and Outreach Coordinator. Heather coordinates our outreach programs (TOPSoccer, Soccer in Schools, Soccer Across Washington) and supports the department’s work on assembling best practices. She is experienced as a community facilitator and has been instrumental in linking our outreach programs with new communities and other nonprofit organizations. As we strive to link our member organizations with under-served populations and local communities, Heather leads us towards fulfilling our mission of making soccer the game for all kids.

Thinking About Building Fields? Apply for US Soccer Foundation’s Planning Grant

The US Soccer Foundation, US Soccer’s foundation and the major charitable arm of soccer in the United States, has just opened their 2012 Planning Grants Program. The grant program provides organizations with help in developing a concept plan for a field-building project. Our own Blackhills FC applied and won the grant in 2008! Continue reading

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Connecting with your Community: Making Cold Calls

You may never get over the general discomfort of making a cold call but you can get better at it! To improve your cold calling skills and build membership, here are a few tips that can help you make the call and get results. Continue reading

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Growing Youth Soccer: How Well Do You Connect with Your Community?

As we saw on Saturday, October 15th when 64,000 plus fans watched Kasey Keller play his last regular-season home game at CenturyLink Field, the soccer community in Washington is passionate and growing fast! This wave of soccer enthusiasm paired with an increase in the youth population in our state means that our youth soccer community could experience a boom in registration if we work more closely with our local communities. Continue reading

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How We Can Help You: An Overview of WA Youth Soccer Departments

In our Play Healthy blog post in August, Hillary introduced the new meeting request form that allows you to put in a request for Washington Youth Soccer staff to come out to your local board meetings. We can’t wait to hit the road and come out to see you – but you may be wondering a little bit about what we will bring to your meetings. So, to follow up on Hillary’s post, I wanted to give you more information on each of our departments and the expertise they bring to our organization. Each of our departments has a unique skill set that can serve your different needs at different times. Since a soccer ball is at the core of what we do each and every day, I’ll start with the Technical Department. Continue reading

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Soccer Supports: Top ten things to consider in developing your youth soccer community

Community programs not only help build important relationships and community awareness for your Club or Association, but they can help reach new players and build your volunteer base. By reaching out to other like-minded organizations such as schools, after-school programs, and community centers, you are connecting your Club or Association with resources central to the lives of kids and families. Continue reading

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