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Join Us For Free Educational Sessions on January 28th!

Here at Set Plays, I often post about upcoming webinars, seminars and educational opportunities that are free or low-cost and provide valuable information about nonprofit best practices.  Now, I’m excited to share that WA Youth Soccer will be hosting our … Continue reading

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Fill Out Our Survey About Advertising for Registration!

Our marketing department is beginning to put together resources for our Clubs and Associations about advertising and promotion of your organizations in your local community, but first we’d like to hear what you’re already doing so we can make sure … Continue reading

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US Youth Soccer Introduces Club Pass and Other Updates to National Championship Series Rules

Last week, US Youth Soccer announced the introduction of the Club Pass to the National Championship Series rules as well as the introduction of other rules regarding roster size and uniforms. The release from US Youth Soccer provides background on … Continue reading

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Fall 2011 Kick Off Reminders Series – Printing Membership Passes

Today we’ll cover a policy change from earlier this year that may drastically reduce the workload for your Member Club or Association as you ramp up preparations for September. Continue reading

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Fall 2011 Kick Off Reminders Series – Age Verification Process

Yesterday we covered the basics about the seasonal year, insurance coverage, and tryouts in the first of our series. Today we’ll tackle age verification, the process by which registrars compare player registration forms with an original proof of age document (usually a birth certificate) to ensure the player’s age is correct. Continue reading

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Fall 2011 Kick Off Reminders Series – The Seasonal Year, Insurance Coverage, and Tryouts

It’s that time of year — a new soccer season is kicking off! As registrars are wrapping up adding kids to rosters and coaches are starting to get team assignments, it’s a great time to cover some registration and insurance policy reminders. In the next three posts, I will cover some housekeeping tips on Insurance Coverage, the Age Verification Process and Printing Membership Passes. Today we will start with the Seasonal Year, Insurance Coverage and Tryouts. Continue reading

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