Engage Your Alumni Through Facebook

What if your soccer club treated your former players and coaches like a university treats its alumni? Imagine being able to engage former players in providing testimonials on your website about the positive impact your club had on their lives. Your annual fundraiser could become obsolete as you grow into planned giving conversations with former members.

Now imagine being able to use Facebook to start those conversations. Not sure where to get started? Read Frank Barry’s blog post on 22 ways to stay connected with your school’s alumni on Facebook. With soccer clubs and associations structured similarly to schools and school districts, many of the ideas Barry suggests to connect with school alumni can directly apply to your club or association.

My favorite suggestion? Create your club’s own internet meme (an idea or behavior that spread through a culture by imitation) and post to your club’s Facebook page. Ask your players and parents to submit their own memes on the same subject and now you have user-generated content – the most authentic social media interaction between a brand (your club) and consumers (your current and potential members).

For more examples of how to use Facebook to reach your club’s alumni, read the full blog post here. Have any tips you would add to the list? Let us know in the comments!

About Hillary Beehler

I'm the Organization and Member Services Director for Washington Youth Soccer, the US Youth Soccer charter association for the State of Washington. WA Youth Soccer serves over 125,000 registered players across all levels of play, from Under 5 to Under 19.
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  1. Thanks for the shout out Hillary!!

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