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How Can the Board of Directors Address Concerns Within the Board?

What truly makes Blue Avocado stand apart from many other nonprofit resources is that the articles are written in a simple, direct style without any nonprofit jargon, making it an accessible resource for people with all levels of knowledge about nonprofits. They’ve published some great articles over the past few years on multiple topics that face a nonprofit board of directors and I’ve highlighted articles on some of the tougher topics for a board of directors below. Continue reading

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Video: What is the IRS Form 990?

Third Sector New England, a Boston-area organization that promotes nonprofit best practices, posted a short video on their blog about a very common question: what is the IRS Form 990? Continue reading

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Missed Your Webinar? Watch a Previously Recorded Presentation!

Sometimes it can be hard to align your schedule to fit in a webinar in the middle of a busy day, you double-book yourself into another meeting, or maybe you forgot to attend. If you aren’t able to make the live webinar, another option is to download a previously recorded webinar that you have registered for and to watch it at your convenience – possibly after the kids have gone to bed or while the laundry is in the dryer. Continue reading

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Article on “Player Poaching” in Canadian Youth Soccer

@dmilrtime, one of Washington Youth Soccer’s followers on Twitter, linked us to an interesting opinion article about “player poaching” in Canadian youth soccer. Continue reading

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Preparing Players for Life After Youth Soccer – One Club’s Approach

Because we are a soccer organization, we focus a majority of our efforts on the physical development of players but it’s equally important for our organizations to support the mental and emotional growth of our players. Soccer is our organization’s tool for assisting our players and parents in answering a big question: how do I, the player, prepare for life? Continue reading

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Growing Youth Soccer: How Well Do You Connect with Your Community?

As we saw on Saturday, October 15th when 64,000 plus fans watched Kasey Keller play his last regular-season home game at CenturyLink Field, the soccer community in Washington is passionate and growing fast! This wave of soccer enthusiasm paired with an increase in the youth population in our state means that our youth soccer community could experience a boom in registration if we work more closely with our local communities. Continue reading

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New WA Youth Soccer Blog for Coaches and Parents!

Yesterday our Technical Director, Gary White, launched WA Youth Soccer’s new coaching blog: Growing the Game with Gary White. Take a look at Gary’s welcome post and make sure to subscribe to keep up to date on the valuable resources and commentary Gary will highlight through his blog. Continue reading

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Manners Matter: Creative Ways to Thank Your Volunteers

With the growth of social media and technology companies, there are even more ways to thank your volunteers and donors, so get creative and grab their attention! Here are some great examples I found this week that I think will get your wheels turning. Continue reading

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Why Might Volunteers Choose Not to Volunteer With Your Club?

While catching up on some of the blogs in the Set Plays blogroll, I stumbled across an interesting post on the Engaging Volunteers blog at VolunteerMatch. The post listed 7 reasons that an individual might not want to volunteer with a nonprofit and I think these reasons are just as true for our Clubs and Associations as they are for other nonprofits. Continue reading

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