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The Importance of Soccer Goal Safety

Just a few weeks ago, a nine-year-old boy in North Carolina was killed when an unsecured goal fell on his head as he played soccer with his cousins after church. The field was at a mobile home park and no youth soccer organizations were involved, but this tragedy serves as a reminder for all coaches, volunteers, and youth soccer organizations to remind your members of proper placement and securing of portable and stationary soccer goals. Continue reading

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Fall 2011 Kick Off Reminders Series – The Seasonal Year, Insurance Coverage, and Tryouts

It’s that time of year — a new soccer season is kicking off! As registrars are wrapping up adding kids to rosters and coaches are starting to get team assignments, it’s a great time to cover some registration and insurance policy reminders. In the next three posts, I will cover some housekeeping tips on Insurance Coverage, the Age Verification Process and Printing Membership Passes. Today we will start with the Seasonal Year, Insurance Coverage and Tryouts. Continue reading

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