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WA Youth Soccer Structural Overview – Constitutional Convention and Seamless Soccer

As we prepare for our 2011 Annual General Meeting (AGM) this week, our structure, bylaws and governance are at the top of mind. I thought I would take this opportunity to review our structure and how we got here, because taking a moment to think about how we function can better serve why we function. Continue reading

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Friday Freebies: Q&A on Engaging the Board in Development Process

Guidestar posted an interview with the presenter from their recent webinar on “Engaging the Board in the Development and Sponsorship Process.” The short article covers the frequently asked questions on this aspect of nonprofit work. Continue reading

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Listening in on the last UpFront call

WA Youth Soccer’s UpFront calls illustrate how Jurassic Parliament’s three golden rules for discussion give your board the touchstone for holding all members to the same standard for conduct in meetings with fellow board members as well as the members, creating a positive board environment. Continue reading

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