How We Can Help You: An Overview of WA Youth Soccer Departments

In our Play Healthy blog post in August, Hillary introduced the new meeting request form that allows you to put in a request for Washington Youth Soccer staff to come out to your local board meetings. We can’t wait to hit the road and come out to see you – but you may be wondering a little bit about what we will bring to your meetings.

So, to follow up on Hillary’s post, I wanted to give you more information on each of our departments and the expertise they bring to our organization. Each of our departments has a unique skill set that can serve your different needs at different times. Since a soccer ball is at the core of what we do each and every day, I’ll start with the Technical Department.

The Technical Department is the center of knowledge on everything soccer-related in our organization. Under the direction of Gary White, Technical Director, this department innovates and manages the overall direction and everyday development of soccer in our state. Gary White, originating from England, has had an extensive career in professional soccer, from playing internationally to being the youngest coach ever to compete in a FIFA World Cup (2002). Capitalizing on this experiential knowledge, the Technical Department offers the best player and coach development curriculum and competitive opportunities in the United States to our members. Through resources such as our monthly coaches newsletter (Technical Zone: in focus), the Age-Appropriate Training Curriculum (free online training plans and videos for coaches), and programs like State Cup tournaments, Elite Player Development, and coaching education, Gary and his team are here to support every player and coach at all levels of play.

The Technical Department is here to help educate and motivate your Club/Association to ensure that together we provide the highest quality of play to all our players in Washington. To be part of the process or for more information from Gary White and the Technical Department on topics such as coaching education, player development and competition, request a visit!

The Marketing and Communications Department lead by Elizabeth Flannery, Marketing and Communications Director, helps bring Washington Youth Soccer to you. Elizabeth utilizes her education and experience in advertising, public relations, and nonprofit management as she leads her team in developing our brand identity and communicating effectively with our membership and the community at large. Through venues such as PlayOn! (our monthly newsletter),, and social media, the Marketing and Communications Department ensures that our message connects with our membership and the larger Washington community.

The creative inspiration and innovative messaging that arises from this department not only helps link Washington Youth Soccer with its membership, but also is here to inspire your Club/Association to build a consistent, modern and effective message. For advice or creative motivation, social media questions, questions on grant writing or recommendations on free marketing resources, connect with Elizabeth Flannery and the Marketing and Communications Department by requesting a visit.

The Member Services and Outreach Department, guided by Hillary Beehler, Organization and Member Services Director, serves our membership by providing best practices on nonprofit and community outreach topics, as well as building resources and toolkits to support our member organizations. Hillary, a life-long soccer player – recreational player as a child through U19 with Washington Youth Soccer and through various outdoor/indoor leagues as an adult –  brings her passion for soccer and her Washington Youth Soccer institutional knowledge to the organization to ensure that we are working with all of our member groups and organizations to achieve our mission through the support and resources of Washington Youth Soccer. The Member Services and Outreach Department connects our Clubs/Associations with expert knowledge on organizational structure, capacity building, board and volunteer development, community programs and outreach development.

By building and reinvigorating your Club and Association through resources like Set Plays, our community programs and our experience in organization development, your Club/Association can continue offering your community, families and players a fun and successful soccer experience. The Member Services and Outreach Department is here to give you guidance on bylaws, nonprofit organizations, volunteer management, community programs (like Soccer in Schools and TOPSoccer) and community outreach. Contact us and request a visit to your local Club/Association meeting to get support and further knowledge on these topics.

I hope this gives you a sense of how each department in Washington Youth Soccer can help support and develop your Club/Association for future success. By building stronger organizations, using effective messaging and offering modern, age-appropriate soccer programs, together we will bring more soccer opportunities to more kids in Washington!

Ready to get started? Click here to request a visit at your next meeting. Hope to see you soon and in the mean time, don’t let the kids have all the fun – find a ball and get in the game!


About Heather Turney

Heather Turney joined WA Youth Soccer in January 2011 and is the Member Services and Outreach Coordinator. Heather coordinates our outreach programs (TOPSoccer, Soccer in Schools, Soccer Across Washington) and supports the department’s work on assembling best practices. She is experienced as a community facilitator and has been instrumental in linking our outreach programs with new communities and other nonprofit organizations. As we strive to link our member organizations with under-served populations and local communities, Heather leads us towards fulfilling our mission of making soccer the game for all kids.
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