The Importance of Soccer Goal Safety

Most parents and coaches are aware of the potential for injury in youth sports but injuries caused by improper use of equipment is a sad reality in soccer. Since 1979, portable soccer goals have killed 36 people, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, but even more people have been injured. Many times the injuries don’t occur during games but before/after games, when adults aren’t supervising children playing around the goals.

Just a few weeks ago, a nine-year-old boy in North Carolina was killed when an unsecured goal fell on his head as he played soccer with his cousins after church. The field was at a mobile home park and no youth soccer organizations were involved, but this tragedy serves as a reminder for all coaches, volunteers, and youth soccer organizations to remind your members of proper placement and securing of portable and stationary soccer goals.

Goal Safety Tips

  • NEVER allow anyone to play on or hang on the net or framework of a goal
  • Use extreme caution when moving goals.  Portable soccer goals should only be moved by adults (not children) who are authorized to do so.  Allow for adequate manpower to move the goals.
  • Inspect goals prior to EVERY use to make sure they are anchored properly and for structural integrity
  • Communicate with all of your players and families and instruct them on the dangers associated with goals

For more information on soccer goal safety, read this Kwik Goal Safety First Program booklet provided by Pullen Insurance (WA Youth Soccer’s insurance provider) or check out

About Hillary Beehler

I'm the Organization and Member Services Director for Washington Youth Soccer, the US Youth Soccer charter association for the State of Washington. WA Youth Soccer serves over 125,000 registered players across all levels of play, from Under 5 to Under 19.
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1 Response to The Importance of Soccer Goal Safety

  1. Rosemarie Miller says:

    My daughter, Alexandria Miller, did her gold project in girl scouts on soccer safety. Pls share with your soccer community

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