Join Us For Free Educational Sessions on January 28th!

Here at Set Plays, I often post about upcoming webinars, seminars and educational opportunities that are free or low-cost and provide valuable information about nonprofit best practices.  Now, I’m excited to share that WA Youth Soccer will be hosting our own educational sessions at the end of January, and I invite you to join us!

Our Annual Player Fee Meeting takes place in the first quarter of every year and it brings together the leaders of all our member organizations.  This year, as a special benefit, we will be offering free educational sessions after the official business portion of the meeting is over. These sessions are open to Association Presidents and MARs, as well as any other Association or Club members who are interested in attending.  The meeting and afternoon educational sessions will be held on January 28, 2012 at the Holiday Inn Seattle/Renton.

The sessions will include:

  • 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM – Nonprofit Compliance 101: How to Sustain and Grow Your Organization 
  • 2:15 PM – 2:45 PM – WA Youth Soccer Long Term Player Development Plan and What it Means For Your Organization
  • 2:15 PM – 2:45 PM – Social Marketing to Increase Registration

These educational sessions have been designed to bring pertinent information on nonprofit practices, coaching philosophy and marketing that can be applied to your organizations. RSVP for this educational series is required by January 18, 2012.

For more information on the sessions, and to RSVP, visit the Annual Player Fee Meeting page at  Be sure to fill out the “Afternoon Education Session RSVP” form found at the bottom of the page.

If you have any questions, contact Kristen Phillips, the Marketing & Events Assistant with Washington Youth Soccer at

Looking forward to seeing you on January 28th!


About Hillary Beehler

I'm the Organization and Member Services Director for Washington Youth Soccer, the US Youth Soccer charter association for the State of Washington. WA Youth Soccer serves over 125,000 registered players across all levels of play, from Under 5 to Under 19.
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