Improve Your Moves: How to participate in webinars, teleseminars, and other trainings in your busy schedule

With Washington Youth Soccer celebrating Youth Soccer Month this August, we thought this would be a great opportunity to mirror each week’s theme in our posts at Set Plays. This week’s theme: improve your moves!

Being a volunteer is a great, rewarding activity and volunteering in soccer is fun, but it can become a demand on your time. Volunteering in your local Club or Association may seem like a big job between work, family time, and getting your kids to games and practices, but there are resources available to make your experience even better.

From time to time, Washington Youth Soccer staff and volunteers find free resources for training on various topics that affect Clubs and Associations, from good sportsmanship to running a board meeting to managing a volunteer program. Many of these trainings take an hour or less and can be done from the comfort of your computer, possibly on your lunch break at work, through a webinar (web seminar) or teleseminar (conference call).

Active Network hosts online webinars on topics affecting sports organizations. You can find their archived webinars on their website here. I’ve participated in multiple webinars put on by Active Network and have found them to be interesting, informative, and easy to fit into my workday. The great aspect of the webinars that Active Network hosts is that the topics apply to all sports, giving you tools to use throughout your youth sports volunteer career. The topics are relevant and have created new connections for me and WA Youth Soccer – after the webinar led by the Positive Coaching Alliance, one of their staff members called me to discuss how our organizations could work together towards a common goal of fun and good sportsmanship for coaches, parents, and administrators involved in youth sports.

Guidestar offers webinars from a nonprofit perspective on topics ranging from board development and fundraising to utilizing social media to communicate your organization’s brand. In addition to the webinars, there are occasionally follow-up articles on a webinar topic to translate the information from an hour webinar into an article that takes 5-10 minutes to read. Guidestar is a major nonprofit resource group and they are able to attract interesting and knowledgeable speakers for each topic.

Not all organizations put together a predictable lineup of online or phone training sessions but being on the right mailing lists and doing the occasional Google search can uncover opportunities on a range of topics. Because I subscribe to the Jurassic Parliament mailing list, I was notified of a series of teleseminars called Master Your meetings, a free six-week series of 1 hour teleconferences on various board development topics: the essentials of Robert’s Rules of Order, constitution and bylaws, dealing with difficult members, agenda and minutes, how to plan for board transitions, and secrets to being a great chair. Each week featured the host and an expert on the topic and provided an informative as well as entertaining dose of training on my lunch break.

The best way to find out about new opportunities is to look at the resources and links available on nonprofit resource sites and government sites that address nonprofit organizations, as well as keeping your eyes open to future opportunities listed in our Week In Review emails and posts to this blog.

Upcoming Opportunity

Next week, on August 17 at 1pm PDT, Active Network is hosting a free webinar on “Discovering the Most Effective Management Practices for a Winning Organization.” The hour-long presentation will cover:

  • The 10 most important steps to keep parents & kids coming back
  • How to manage your league effectively from a business perspective
  • How to balance your role as a league official using business best-practices

Sign up now to secure your spot in this free webinar opportunity!

What has your Club or Association done for trainings in the past?  What resources do you find helpful?  Please share your tips here!  Want to hear more about the fun activities we have going on for Youth Soccer Month?  Click Here!

About Hillary Beehler

I'm the Organization and Member Services Director for Washington Youth Soccer, the US Youth Soccer charter association for the State of Washington. WA Youth Soccer serves over 125,000 registered players across all levels of play, from Under 5 to Under 19.
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